Black magic shrine in Bali, Indonesia

These images were taken in 2004 on a back road near Candi Dasa in Bali. When I saw the shrine I asked my driver to stop so I could take pictures. The driver couldn’t wait to get away from the place he was so creeped out.




Funny how some painted rocks can scare people. The faces look kind of happy and benign. Ignorance, on my behalf at least, is bliss.

Fake bribe to fake cop in fake car. Java, Indonesia

Stuart Horstman, a friend of mine who runs a surf tour company and yacht charter in Indonesia sent me this photo.

“Anyone who’s driven on the toll roads in Indonesia would be familiar with their highway patrol, ever ready to extract some cash from the unwary driver. The penalties and payments are pretty flexible depending on your negotiation skills or important contacts you may have. This shot was taken in about 2003 on the toll road between Bogor and Jakarta on the way back from a surf trip to West Java. As the keen observer often knows, things are not always as they seem….”


Cutouts of police cars have been placed along some of the highways in Indonesia to deter motorists from speeding and this shot shows Nev Hines (Stuart’s business partner in Freeline Surf Adventures) pretending to pay his “on the spot fine”. Stuart has quite the life as he goes up to Indonesia about five times a years to surf…. no…. I mean …. on business.

The butcher of Casablanca

For some strange reason, I never went shopping for meat to cook myself when I was in Morocco. I always felt more comfortable eating my meat over there as anomolous charred lumps on sticks from stall holders.


As a matter of fact, if I had to buy meat like this every day, I’d probably be a vegetarian. It’s a bit too “real” as one can still see how the meat was once an animal, not like the way the meat is packaged in plastic like here in the west. On reflection I find it amazing how quickly things have changed in the western world. A scene like the image above would’ve been common in 19th century Europe. No refrigeration, no plastic bags, just a cloth sack you brought your self. At least you’d know that the meat was fresh.

This photo was taken in 1982 on Kodachrome 64.