Chopper. Jemez Springs, New Mexico, USA

When I was a kid I thought that choppers were so cool. Then again at the same time, much to my eternal shame, I also liked the bubble-gum classic by Hot butter, “Popcorn”. 


Now as an adult I look at choppers and I ask myself, what kind of person buys an over priced, badly designed, overweight, piece of crap and then spends a pile of money to decrease it’s performance and handling? Talk about style over substance.

I had to laugh when I saw the guy who owned this bike. Long blond hair, leather waistcoat with the stars and stripes sewn to the back, aviator sunglasses, headscarf, and the obligatory correspondingly attired female clone. It was like he’d looked in some stereotype catalogue and picked himself a look and then went out and bought the costume. When he left the restaurant, he self-consciously swaggered out to the bike, to mount his steed with a shampoo commercial toss of his locks to be mortified by the fact that it wouldn’t start. Eventually after about five minutes of fiddling, as his girlfriend sat lopsidedly on the stationary machine, he got it started and off he roared down the road, with much loss of face. Everyone who witnessed the scene had a big smile on their face.

As we drove down the road about ten minutes later, we saw him again by the side of the road as he was tinkering with the engine trying to get it started again. We have names for people like that here in Australia. We call them “wankers”.

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