Masks for Christmas party. Sydney 2007

My wife and I went to a masquerade Christmas party last Saturday night and here’s some pictures of the masks we made for the event.


My wife went as a Christmas beetle (a very colourful beetle that is common in the Sydney area at this time of year) and I went as Darth Rudolph.


Because of the dark background at the party I’ve included a couple of shots of the masks on their own so they can be seen a little more clearly.


The beetle mask was made of thin dense closed cell foam sandwiched with thin open cell foam, covered in two different layers of fabric on the carapace and wet look vinyl on the legs.


Darth Rudolph was made of a converted hard hat and thin dense closed cell foam, covered with wet look vinyl covered material and lenes from a pair of children’s sunglasses. The red and green pieces are light emitting diodes.  The red diode on the snout flashed. The fur was fake fur.