I’d love to know what she was thinking

I didn’t take this photograph (but I did crop it). I’ve seen a few very bad wedding gowns in my day but this one is a real shocker.

Some mothers do have them

It has been doing the rounds via e-mails on the Internet with the subject heading Best (or worst!!) bridal gown ever. From the Meta data embedded in the photograph, I can tell you that was taken on the 18th of July, this year.

Just looking at this image, provoked so many questions in my mind.

What was she thinking?
Did the mother help her pick the dress?
Did the groom have any say in the choice?

Did anybody at any time give her any advice that the dress may not be such a great idea?

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that this poor girl was the victim of un-conditional high regard. What am I talking about? One of the bugbears in my life is the old, I’m okay, you’re okay, bullshit that was spread around in the late 70s. It’s sort of like an emotional transaction where people kid each other that they’re okay with each other’s delusions.

“I won’t tell you the truth about your stupidities and don’t get on my case about mine”.

I can see it now at the bridal gown store.

“So what do you think, do I look okay in this?”

“You look gorgeous!”

“You don’t think it’s a little bit over the top do you?” 

“Well, maybe just a little.”

“Oh! I had my heart set on this!”

No-no, really, it suits you, it looks fantastic!” “Really!” “If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em!”

Really, with friends who give advice like that, who needs enemies.

If I’d been there I would’ve said, “It makes you look like you belong in a dairy”. “You’ll be a laughing stock”.

It looks like the bride has been drinking in the limousine, and I suspect that she probably realised she’d have to be a “few sheets to the wind” to wear such a dress and to help drown out the tsunami of self-consciousness that I suspect she could feel was coming.

Nathalie with an H and  Epicurienne’s comments got me thinking about another fashion tragic who would’ve loved this dress.

[youtube AofzLsvTsM0]