King Autos. King St, Newtown, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

I went into Newtown yesterday to buy a little bag from Crumplers for my camera . I thought I’d also try out my new 10-20mm zoom.

The mode of transport of the hip young things of Newtown

Back in the early 1970s, not long after I moved out of home and left school,  I lived in Newtown. Back then it was a very run down working class slum. It’s still a bit of a slum but over the last 20 years it’s been becoming more trendy and gentrified as people with money who want to live near the city have moved in and have started renovating the old terrace houses. All this influx of money into the area supports lots of little coffee shops and trendy boutiques where piercings and tattoos are so common as to almost be de rigeur.