What were they thinking? The Mantra Hotel, Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

My wife and I stayed at the Mantra Hotel in Mooloolaba two weeks ago and I was struck by what an odd bathroom design our room had. One quarter of the shower stall, come spa, was see-through plexiglass that allowed a view into the bathroom from the bed.

What were they thinking?

I found myself wondering about what the design of the bathroom implied about the people who stayed at the hotel.

I can understand that watching a co-operative member of the opposite sex showering or using the spa could be considered quite erotic by most people. What I doubt is, that most people would admit to the desire to watch someone from the comfort of their bed, use the can. The provision for such a voyeuristic option implies that the designer (and the person who O.K.ed the purchase of the shower stall) thought that most guests would want to.

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