Meeting up with fellow bloggers in Slovenia. 2009

By some kind of strange coincidence, a disproportional amount of blogs I regularly read are from Slovenia. I say disproportional because Slovenia has only two million people and I regularly check three blogs from there whereas I only read five American blogs regularly and there are 300 million people there.

This first photo is of Grasswire and his two and a half year old daughter.

Grasswire and daughter

Engogirl and I went to a huge traditional Slovenian lunch today with Grasswire, his wife Cashmere Cafe and their daughter. What a pleasure it was for both my wife and I to meet such nice, erudite and like minded people. Our short time together just flew by with animated conversation and great food, and before we knew it was time to part our ways. I just wish they lived near by so I could include them in our regular circle of friends because they are the sort of people I like to surround myself with.

This next photo is of Robert and me.

Robert and me

Robert and his wife Marjeta have been fantastic. So warm, welcoming and hospitable. Both Robert and Marjeta had just come back from Greece on Monday and left today for Norway (to give some seminars). In the few days they had to get their work together and prepare for their next trip, they invited us into their home and spent as much time with us as they could.

Robert’s background is very similar to mine, in that he left home at 17 and went travelling with almost no money. It’s not very often that I meet someone who has a many travel stories as me and he is a fabulous guy to shoot the breeze with. Robert is so alive and full of joie de vivre that one can’t help but be swept up in some kind of contact high that makes one glad to be alive. It’s been a long time since I’ve been introduced to so many new ideas from such a bright mind that we were so often in deep conversation that I didn’t even take any pictures of him.

Talk about being in the moment.

Marjeta, despite the fact that she was so busy getting ready for the seminars she has to present, was a very gracious host and together with Robert, we were made to feel so welcome.

I could just rave on for ages about what an amazing couple Robert and Marjeta are, but I will give one example of how generous they have been to us. Although they left for Norway this morning they said we could stay a few more days in their house while they were away. What an incredible act of trust! It touches me deeply that there are such good people in the world and I feel honored and lucky to have met them both. I really hope there is such a thing as karma.

Yep and I’d love it if Robert and Marjeta lived close by as well, as I know my other friends would love them and I’d like to see them  more often.

So far, I’ve been really impressed by Slovenes. By the way, the only reason why there aren’t any photos of Marjeta and Cashmere Café is because I was so caught up in the brilliant conversation that I hardly took any photos at all of anybody or anything.


Cashmere Cafe was heavily pregnant when we all met up and she gave birth to a baby girl, Katrina, on the 6th of October (3 days after we met up).