The Valencia branch of the Oscar Niemeyer fan club. Spain. 2009

Engogirl is presenting a paper at a workshop on environmental hydraulics at the University of Valencia and we are staying near Valencia’s City of Arts and Science (Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias).

The city within the city is mostly the work of Santiago Calatrava and from where I stand I’d say he’s a fan of the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

To my mind, nothing dates faster than a vision of the future. While I applaud the Spanish for their architectural daring, Calatrava’s designs look to me like Jurassic Park meets Space Mountain at Los Angles Disneyland. Sort of like if Oscar Niemeyer had been asked to design something influenced by dinosaur bones.

On one hand I like seeing unusual buildings and what Calatrava has designed is very spectacular, I felt that they already looked out of date as if they were some kind of vision of the future from 1957 and it surprised me that they were designed in the late 1990s.