A different sense of what’s an appropriate present. Brugge, Belgium. 2009

One of the first things we did in Brugge was to buy decent sized box of handmade Belgian chocolates. We found a cute little stone bridge over one of the canals and quickly scoffed down the lot until we felt sick.
There’s nothing like stuffing oneself with chocolate to put yourself off the stuff. Afterwards, over the next couple of days, it made us nauseous to even look at the elaborate displays in the numerous chocolatier’s shops in the old town .
I don’t think we ate any more chocolate for about two months after our pig out.
Having said how we had turned ourselves off even looking at chocolate, the display in the photo below caught my eye.
What can I say? Other than it sure was very different to all the other chocolate stores in Brugge. Talk about, “don’t compete, be unique”!
The writing, in three languages, on the white cards (which can’t be seen very well in size of image that I’ve put up here) says;
also ladies surprise.”
Ladies surprise……. gee I wonder (not really) what that is?
“A nice present for your father or friend.” 
 A nice present for your father? I bet that would make your mother happy.
Then again, am I missing something here?