13 thoughts on “Some scenes from Porto, Portugal. 2009”

  1. Wow. This city looks medieval still! At least the shots here…Cinderella not withstanding..it looks seriously old. I know the name of the city because Rem Koolhaus designed a music center there but trying to match a Rem Koolhaus modern design with this city as presented here is almost unbelievable. I hope you take a picture of it for me!!

  2. I’ve looked through all the entries of your adventures that I have missed in the last 4 days.
    I’ll be back tomorrow morning with a better head hopefully to comment: colds suck.

  3. Great photos! Many years ago I spent a month in Portugal and fell in love with it. It is in the modern world, but still not quite of it. Have a bottle of Portuguese wine for me!

  4. Pat

    Not medieval but definately old and of another age.

    I’m in Lisbon now so I’m afraid I won’t be able to check out Mr. Koolhaus’s efforts.

    Today we bought the new Canon G11 (it’s such a nice camera I’m jealous!) for Engogirl. We went out a splurged to celebrate the new addition to our family. I had Duck loin on black truffle pesto risotto, followed up with some white chocolate mousse in biscuit cones on a raspberry coulis.


    I’ve been wondering where you’ve been, hope you get over your lurgie soon.



    I’m really enjoying Portugal, as I always knew I would. You’re right, Portugal seems to have each of it’s feet in different realities and I think that’s why I’m enjoying it so much. I just wish I could spend a month here.

    As for the wine, we’ve been on a bottle a day since arriving.

  5. Ooowhee…a Canon G11 and black truffle pesto risotto. Heaven. (Particularly since I’m in the midst of camera (or maybe lens, I’m not quite sure) focusing problems that I think are going to require a trip to Canon)

  6. Let them drink PORT!!! in PORTO.
    Looks beautiful.
    Monsieur and I are off to Portugal at the end of November so look forward to hearing all your tips at some point.
    Will e-mail you also, so keep an eye out for low-flying incoming mail.

  7. Ross

    I’m sure a good photographer would find some beauty anywhere.


    The G11 is such a nice camera.


    It’s too bad I killed off any desire to drink port, back in my younger days. We did have an interesting (in a nice way) bottle of wine last night. You might be able to buy it in London, it’s called, “periquita reserve” by jose maria de fonseca. Give it a try with grilled meats and I’m sure you’ll be surprised how smooth it is considering it’s price.

    Are you still going to meet up with us in Paris?



    I’m starting to see the 3D shapes or reality as 2D colour elements in viewfinder

  8. Yes, working on it. See e-mail finally sent this morning.

    Was reading a book where Frances Mayes visits Lisbon and a local chef told her that strangely enough in Portugal they hardly ever drink Port! Who’d have thunk it?

  9. Epic

    I think port was mainly exported to England. I’ll tell you one thing though, the Portuguese wait staff were always surprised when I declined their offers of port. I guess a lot of tourists think it’s the done thing to drink port in Portugal.

    Me, I just ask for a suggestion from the red wine list. That’s how I found out about the “periquita reserve” by jose maria de fonseca.

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