11 thoughts on “Lisbon street scene. Portugal. 2009”

  1. SERIOUSLY?? That street surface looks like a rug of some sort, not brick, stone or macadam. I am looking at this photo as close as I can with out the whole thing blurring out and I cannot make out what that street is made of! Unbelievable perspective, btw.

  2. Great photo! I’m sure that street is handsome stonework – but some of it almost looks new? Looks like a little restaurant on the left. Anything good for lunch??

  3. Grasswire

    No way! Too lumpy (it would be like getting punched up the backside for the day) and far too steep. My knees are so sore from walking there all day yesterday.


    It’s all cobblestones. All very coarsely laid and guaranteed to give anyone silly enough to wear stilettos the punishment they deserve. The perspective is strange because the street was so steep.


    welcome back! The photo is a classic example of how reality doesn’t always match what we see. A day walking around on such a surface is shattering.



    There was work going on all around Lisbon on the roads and sidewalks so I’d say some of the road would a mix of ancient and new. Not all the buildings in Lisbon are covered tiles and many of them are nicely painted. I didn’t check out the restaurant because I’d eaten a little while earlier. Went to a Goan resaurant and had an amazing curry and some piri piri chicken.

  4. I’ve got a framed blown up photo of a street in Lisbon like this. It’s a bit darker and has a woman hiding in an alcove selling fruit: only her hand is visible.

    Lisbon: loved it, love it, will love it again later.

  5. Gosh.

    This picture makes me scared of Lisbon. Knowing the trouble I have staying upright in flat shoes on flat ground, I’m gonna be lucky to get away without injury.
    My brother went to Lisbon for the first time recently and echoes Ross’s sentiments. Now your pics are infecting me with CAN’T WAIT syndrome. I’ve heard it’s otherworldly in parts and this photo only emphasises that.

  6. Epic

    Just wear sensible shoes and you’ll be alright. Honestly though, the cobblestones are so rough in places that they will totally wreck high heels as well as making it unpleasant to walk around.

    Your new Emu boots might be a good choice!

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