7 thoughts on “Franco is definitely yesterday’s man. Avila, Spain. 2009”

  1. Ross

    You’re so right.

    There was a big Exhibition about Franco, here in Segovia (where we are at the moment) and it was interesting to see that the Avila and Segovia regions had the least amount of people dissappear (about 80% less) during Franco’s rule.

  2. As one of my friends put it: “Built of granite, marble, and concrete, monuments and museums may promise continuity, but they are nonetheless erected on the quicksand of ideological platitudes. Many have even lost their original intention, washed away in the river of time. Robert Musil, a brilliant chronicler of a vanished Austro-Hungarian Empire, captured well the bitter aroma of that loss when he observed that there is nothing in the world as invisible as monuments.”

  3. Grasswire

    I really like your friend’s quote.

    I once read a book by Musil, called “the man without qualities”. In the book, set in the early 20th century, there was a lot of discussion about what it was to be German. Now in the early 21st century, in Australia, we are as a nation having the discussion of what it is to be Australian.

    The big difference is the discussion is based not on racial identity, but rather on what culture is currently being formed in multicultural Australia.


    On the most part I agree with you but Franco was a piece of crap and I’m sorry there is any trace of him still left.

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