Razzbuffnik gets caught taking a sunset. Burunchel, Spain. 2009

I can quite often be heard to say “any idiot can take a sunset; just be there and F8”.  Many artists, of which I do not consider myself one, think that bright beautiful colours are a seductive distraction from “real art”. 

Unfortunately for me, I am in control of my desires as much as a bug that flies into a lit candle.  I’m a sucker for bright colours (you may have noticed); spicy foods and raucous music.  So it should come as no surprise that I clandestinely love sunsets whilst publicly heaping scorn on them.

Engogirl has produced photographic proof of what a slut for sunsets I actually am.

The shame, the shame!

9 thoughts on “Razzbuffnik gets caught taking a sunset. Burunchel, Spain. 2009”

  1. Oh, but you are forgiven your hypocrisy because damnation these colors are fabulous. Love Engogirl’s shot, too. Is that the G11? And, you have this nice lite weight tripod for sunset taking!! Good God. Every time I post a sunrise shot I know you’ll be silent!! But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do even without Professor Buffnik’s applause. But, seriously. That sunset is not your every day F8!

  2. Pat,

    Thanks for your forgiveness. All I have to do now is forgive myself. Engogirl’s photo was taken with the G11, without a tripod… Beeeatch!!! (love my automatic image stabilization, says Engogirl).

    Too bad the best shot that’s ever been taken of me is with my back to the camera, in silhouette.


    I had to laugh at your comment, because it’s sooo close to the cynicism that I normally display!
    I think that in another life we could have been brothers.

  3. Despite your concern about the potential sunset cliche, those are pretty fabulous sunset colors. I especially like that little puff of purple smoke or dust rising in the top one.

  4. Don’t you worry, my friend, I am also totally into sunsets, and:
    1.- this makes two of us at least,
    2.- we are still big, strong, tough men, despite that.

  5. Hey, big strong tough men out there wherever you are: don’t look now but your panties are showing. Seriously, these are sunsets, G-men, as far as I know they are stunningly unsexed. Relax. Save your insecurities for pictures of kitties.

  6. Tony

    Thanks, it’s hard to take a bad shot when the sky is putting such a show.


    Yes it’s a great shot and I’m so happy for Engogirl. Now that she’s got a better camera with more controls, her creativity is really blooming and that is making Engogirl so happy, which in turn pleases me.


    Well spotted, it was the smoke that pushed me over the edge to take the photo. It really helps to balance the composition.


    Thanks for the act of solidarity!


    You make it sound as that’s a bad thing (that our panties are showing).

    Seriously though, knowing Robert as I do, I can say with some certainty that his tongue was firmly in his cheek when he made his comment and he was being ironic.

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