Afternoon clouds above Segura de La Sierra. Jaén, Spain. 2006

We visted the castle at Segura de La Sierra, which was interesting in its own right but to be honest I thought that the lenticular clouds stole the show.

Nature wins again.

5 thoughts on “Afternoon clouds above Segura de La Sierra. Jaén, Spain. 2006”

  1. Pat

    Thanks. It’s easy to see where some people got the idea of flying saucers.


    I’ve rarely seen lenticular clouds but when I have it’s usually been around mountains. The skies have been a little hazy in the middle of the days here, but in the early morning and in the afternoons the sky can almost seem to be luminous.

  2. That’s an amazing looking cloud. It looks like the top of a sand dune just hovering up there. Where’s the rain, you’ve yet to show us the rain in Spain that falls mainly on the plane. I can see the sky but no plane & certainly no rain.

  3. Tony

    Prof Higgins got it all wrong. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the mountains in the north, which we didn’t go to, because it was raining. Engogirl

    Now try saying that with a mouthful of potato chips. Razz

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