Sentinil de las Bodegas. Andalusia, Spain. 2009

Sentinil is a little town that is famous for the fact some of its houses that are built under overhangs,


but I think its real charm is how the rest of the buildings are crowded up the hills that surround them.

6 thoughts on “Sentinil de las Bodegas. Andalusia, Spain. 2009”

  1. I presume there are narrow streets inbetween these buildings? Oh, what a stupid question. How in hell would people get home through everyone else’s house, Pat? I’ll stop now.

  2. Pat

    You are forgiven!

    It all does look so squashed up and I can tell you from driving around such towns, the streets are sooo tiny. It just doesn’t seem possible that any cars can go through them let alone park as well, and yet they do.

    Every time I see we have to drive through such towns, my heart sinks.

  3. I don’t think I could ever be truly at ease sitting under one of those overhangs.

    When I see buildings all squashed together like this I think, “The people who live there must really like each other.” hee hee!

  4. Ross

    I’m totally with you about overhangs. When we were there I kept on thinking about how they sorted out land titles. The cadastral maps of the town must be a nightmare.

    Before this trip, we were playing with the idea of moving to Spain to live for a while. Although we are enjoying ourselves here and like the country, I now know that there is no way that I could live here. Everyone is living on top of each other and the Spanish as friendly as they are, aren’t the quietest or most considerate people in the world.

    I’d end up going crazy and running amok.

  5. I had to laugh at your response to planetross! I live in a hilly place and all I could think of was the tired legs from going down to the market and back home again — but the concern about close quarters certainly rivals that. The folks of latin heritage who live here have inherited the love for loud talk and loud music into the night!

  6. Donald

    It’s another one of life’s lessons, always look before you leap. I’m so glad we spent a bit of time here before just comming over here to live. It would’ve ended in tears.

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