Just a few intense colours are too many, and millions aren’t enough. Temple of Debod, Madrid Spain.

My name is Razzbuffnik and I’m a colour-aholic

I admit it, I need help.

Why only today, I arrived in Madrid in the afternoon after driving all day and when I went to a park near to where we’re staying to unwind, I saw the scene below.

Now I know, there is no honour in taking photos of sunsets and even though I keep promising myself not to take them, my weakness for intense colours takes over and before I know it I’ve taken way too many shots yet again.

I feel so ashamed and dirty.

As penance, I’m going to the Prado tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Just a few intense colours are too many, and millions aren’t enough. Temple of Debod, Madrid Spain.”

  1. Oh brother, may you find your peace in the awareness that the more photos of sunsets you take, the less dirty and ashamed I feel. So, by taking these photos you are actually performing an empathic and humanitarian act… It is healing my own inner shame and traumatic wounds, you see.
    I am sitting at the airport, just missed the chance to take a photo of a beautiful sunrise…, darn!, but am already making really dirty plans on shooting some sunsets in Cairo in the next week. Yes, my courage is slowly coming back, yes, I can feel it, thanks to you I am regaining my strenghts, yes, yes…

  2. My name is Epic and I’m a sunset-aholic. Self-confessed and unashamed, I love dawns and sunsets and will be shooting them until the day of my last breath. Sunsets like the stunning one you photographed here remind me of just how wonderful our screwed-up world is; something that’s too easy to forget in the Doom and Gloom era in which we live.For an addiction to sunsets no apologies required. PS This really is an incredible shot. I can only imagine that you and Engogirl were tinged pink until the sun finally disappeared. By chance did you sip on rose that evening?

  3. There is really only one way to go about this – forget digital and go back to film. Black and white film, that is. There’s no other way.

    Just kidding.

    As a side note, when we were in Palmyra, Syria, the hotel owner wanted to sell us evening sunset-watching trip up the town castle/hill by saying “It will be so beautiful you will cry”. We didn’t go, but we still use the phrase…

  4. Robert

    My inner colour-aholic instantly visualised a sunset or rise with the pyramids far off in the distance. Have fun.


    It’s been great lately to have the time to sit with my wife and watch the sun go down is so many beautiful places.


    Thanks for the kind and uplifting words. I was starting to get quite cold by the time the sun went down so no rose outside. One thing that I’ve noticed here is that the Spanish, strangely enough (considering how nice the weather is here), don’t do that much al fresco dining and drinking. They’re much more into dark, cosy and very smoky bars.


    When I was in Morocco I was constantly surprised by how often the locals would offer to take me to the tops of nearby hills, for a fee of course. It made me wonder what that must have thought of me that I was so incapable that I could find my way across the world to their country but for some reason, couldn’t work out how to walk up a hill.



    Like I said, I just can’t control myself when presented with such scenes.

    I’m so weak!

  5. C’mon. Spectacular needs no apologies. This “so weak” business is annoying. I’m not kidding. Nature is unfreakin’ believable and if you witness it, as you did in this unbelievable moment, it’s your duty not your shame to show it to us.

  6. Pat

    I’m just practicing my excuses for my artist friends who eschew “seductive colours” and who will give me a mental caning for taking sunsets. Thanks for pointing out the “I’m weak” isn’t working.

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