12 thoughts on “High maintenance in Madrid. Spain. 2009”

  1. You bad. Surely, if you had waited just one second, her collagen lips would have unsnarled? Her hangover disappeared. Her recent eye surgery healed? Again, you bad bad bad. Don, no offense but that stick may have the better view. Me bad, too.

  2. Donald

    I was soooo tempted to write about this photo but I thought I’d let it speak for itself. My alternative title was, “Be afraid, very afraid!”


    She maintained her distain mainly off the plain. Most of the people in Spain we have met are great fun but there are also quite a few others in the center of Madrid that seem to be entertaining delusions of grandeur.

  3. Grasswire

    I bet if someone shouted out, “Fake bag, fake bag!” She’d have some momentary confusion as she wondered if it was about her or the thing slung over her shoulder.

  4. Diddems, maybe she ain’t warm and cuddly? Maybe Razzbuffnik flashed his lens a bit too obviously, or just maybe, she wanted the lines on the jacket (fake or genuine)to be ‘just so’. Or maybe she just stepped in something and didn’t want to look down? Senoritas are the last word in women as far as the Pump is concerned. Keep ’em coming.

  5. Graswire

    I’m a bad, bad person.


    Long time no hear, how yea be? I used a pretty long lens and I’m pretty sure she didn’t notice me.

    One of the reasons I took the shot was because of the look on her face. I saw her coming down the street with that look, that seemed to convey that she thought the whole street was covered in crap.

    I suspect that you’re attracted to “hard headed women” and are probably looking for a little “discipline”.

    When I get back, we’ll have to get together over a few drinks and perhaps a barbie in the backyard.

  6. This is interesting: I see just a human being, needing acceptance, appreciation, self-esteem, struggling with finding a workable strategy to meet these needs.

    So, I don’t see so much difference between her and smart and superior “us”…

  7. Ross

    She looks as hard as a diamond.


    You’re a model of compassion and understanding to us all. It was the distain on her face that caught my attention, I took it as a rebuke of all around her rather than a cry for help.

    I stand corrected.

    If I ever see her again, I’ll run up to her and give her a hug!

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