An Epic lunch for my 500th post. Paris, France. 2009

Yesterday was the last full day we were in Paris and it was the day that fellow blogger, Epicurienne caught the Eurostar over from London for the day to meet up with us before we left.

As a happy coincidence, I’ve been able to make sure that my landmark 500th post could be about my wife and I meeting up with Epicurienne, who like us comes from the southern hemisphere, likes to travel, eat good food (who doesn’t!) and of course is also a blogger.

The plan was that Epicurienne was going to show us around Paris a bit, but it was a little cool and drizzling rain.

The great indoors looked far more appealing so I piped up with, “why don’t we find a really nice little restaurant and have a fabulous meal with some lovely wine and blow heaps of money doing it!”

Epic ruminated upon the question with great deliberation for about a nanosecond and replied, “sounds like a plan!”

So off the three of us went to wander around Ile St Louis on our quest, where we stumbled across an absolute gem of a restaurant called “Sorza”.

The Sorza provided the perfect setting for a day with Epic who often writes about restaurants and the cusine she has had around the world. The food was excellent and the wine that Epic picked was perfect (I know nothing about French wines).

I’ll leave a more detailed description of our meal to Epic, as she is much better than me at writing about food.

Just like before when I met up with fellow bloggers Cashmere Cafe, Grasswire and Robert in Slovenia, it was remarkable how easy and pleasant it was to talk to Epic. We came to the conclusion that we felt we’d know each other for ages through our blogs which made the conversation so comfortable and fluid.

Also, just like in Slovenia I felt I had met another person that I wish I lived closer to. I would love to cook for Epic some time. I can’t even really begin to describe what a nice day Engogirl and I have had.

To be in Paris on our last day and to spend it with such a delightful and lovely person such as Epic would have been more than good enough, but the icing on the cake was our meal together.

Meeting up with fellow bloggers has been so pleasant that it is something that I’m going to have to do more often. It’s just a pity that Australia is so far away from where the bloggers I read, come from.

10 thoughts on “An Epic lunch for my 500th post. Paris, France. 2009”

  1. Oh, I’m jealous! I can’t sleep and I remembered you were going to post around 7 Paris time! 1 AM Eastern. Perfect. Voila, I’m looking at Epic and you and Karen and the smallest dining table I have ever seen. I mean seriously. I just read a NY Times article with 100 recipes for Thanksgiving that I’ve never heard of. Maybe I’ll start cooking instead of surfing..but, it’s true about meeting our blogger friends. I met Tipota at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston) over the weekend and it was great fun, If we met we’d have to eat dinner at a restaurant with a bigger table. Or, I could cook one of these 100 recipes and you could cook the other 99. I bet you won’t read this until you are en-route home or back home and you might be feeling grateful for your life and wife and three month adventure!

  2. Razz – I’m blushing as red as the Sorza interior. Such kind words! And all sentiments echoed from my end. What a wonderful day we had.
    I’ve already started writing about yesterday and I’ll try to get something posted by tomorrow, latest.
    But right now I’m wondering if I should even be commenting here as I’m not the first commenter on the post! (Pat – apparently there is a psychology to why people comment in certain ways and some people won’t comment if they don’t get in first. Competition complex, or what? This formed one of our many discussions yesterday.)

  3. Looks like a fabulous meal! The French not only cook well, but they cook prettily! I’ll be checking epicurienne’s description. A great way to end an “epic” tour. thank you for all the fabulous posts… I feel like I’ve been there.

  4. Epic and Razz: CCC: competition comment complex? Seriously?


    Move over ADHD, OCD, PTSD, we’ve got a new diagnosis in town.

    One, I can safely say, I didn’t know existed. Now, I’m self consciously the 1st and 4th comment on this post. Does that mean I’m special?

  5. Pat

    What a great time it was. The restaurant was so small that if it didn’t have a huge mirror running along one wall it would’ve felt like dining in a closet, but what it didn’t have in floorspace it made up for in flavour and service.

    As for the CCC thing we were talking about a fellow blogger (also a psychologist like you) and some observations he had made to me about a person who visits to his blog.


    I’m looking forward to your post about the meal. I thought so much about it since and it’s given me some ideas of things I’d like to try and make myself.


    It was great and I’m glad you’ve come along for the ride.

    To you all, I’m now back in OZ and using my regular computer and I can seen how dark all my images have been that I’ve processed on Engogirl’s laptop.

    At least it looks that way to me on my monitor (yes I’ve calibrated it using the Photoshop thingy) how about you guys? Have the images been looking too dark or were all my previous images from before my trip too light?

  6. O, you are back in OZ! Your head must be spinning.

    As to your images…It’s your monitor, I think. Your images have looked great to me. Perhaps, more saturated in color than before trip is the most I can say and although it might piss off your anti-color bff’s, I thought they looked maahvelous, dense and rich. Your twilight shots were particularly drop dead spectacular.

    That’s my Lucy 5 cents. I’m worth at least 7 cents these days, don’t you think?

    Welcome home and thanks so much for the lovely ride.

  7. Pat

    Thanks for the feedback. It looks like I might have to get another monitor.


    Thanks! Nevermind the food, it was the conversation that was the real highlight.

  8. I read your 500th post (congratulations) when you put it on, but just haven’t made it back here since then.
    It sounds like you had a great time. I wish I could have joined all of you for lunch.

    Your photos haven’t looked dark: they’ve looked great!

  9. Ross

    We did have a great time but like Dorothy said, “there’s no place like home”.

    By the way your name came up over the meal. It would’ve been great to have all you regulars at the table but I think the meal would’ve had to have lasted a few days.

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