Óbidos, Portugal. 2009

I’ve been a bit tardy with my posts lately because not only have I been dealing with jet lag and catching up with friends after our trip, I took about 4500 photos while I was away. It’s taking me an age to deal with all the images. I put all my shots on DVD as I went and I ended up with 28 discs which in turn took over 15 hours to load to my new external hard drive. I’m not complaining, but some things just take a long time.

As I sort through my photos I hope that you forgive me as I toss a few shots your way in a vain hope to keep you amused while I get my house in order.

5 thoughts on “Óbidos, Portugal. 2009”

  1. I agree with Pat, great pattern and textures in these red rooftops and stained walls. 4500 images? Whew… that’s a lot to work with. Do toss us a tidbit from time to time!

  2. Pat and Donald

    Thanks. I’m going to try and process enough images to make up one of those hardcover photo books that one can get printed nowadays. Have either of you two made up one of those? If so, what did you think about the end product?

  3. I’ve made many of them through Apple IPHOTO since I’m an apple girl. I just always think they have the best options for presentation but there are many providers. I love them and think you’ll be glad you did it. My only suggestion is that like so many things it is a better product if you can spend the time editing before hand. Your photographs, at least the ones you posted, deserve to have a print life, I think.

  4. I love both the composition and the motif – the roofs look like a giant staircase to the mistery glass tower (or a localised version of London phone booth) to me.

    I have not yet ventured into the book project but one of my friends has done it a few times – he used Blurb and output was realy good.

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