5 thoughts on “Autumn in the Pyrenees. Aragnouet, France. 2009”

  1. Pat

    It sure was. We don’t have anything like it here in Australia.


    The whole valley was an amazing place. I bet they get heaps of avalances in the winter.


    Thanks for dropping by and leaving such kind words. What did you do in your eight months there?

  2. Worked & lived. :-)

    Speaking of avalanches in the Pyrénées, there’s a town near the border of Spain (can’t recall the name offhand) which has only one road in and out. Well, one day in spring when I was there in the sud-ouest, an avalanche rushed down into the valley below, completely covering the road. The snow pile was 15 meters tall and 50 meters wide! Took a couple days to dig out using special machinery. I’m sure there are tons more that you just don’t hear about.

    Been reading your blog off and on for a while now. Originally came in through a post on Belize City while doing a little research on the place.

    I like the mix of long articles and single image posts.

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