The only thing that is constant is change #2. Paris, France. 2009

Eugène Atget’s photos of Paris have preserved forever, a part of Parisian life that is in the process of vanishing.


Paris, like just about everywhere in the world,  is in a constant state of renewal and many of the old store fronts are being replaced with a more homogeneous, “updated” look. Eventually the whole world is going to look the same.

7 thoughts on “The only thing that is constant is change #2. Paris, France. 2009”

  1. Beautiful photo. It looks like a stage facade. Go to a modern American suburb to see how really bad your vision of everything looking the same could be! Clean yes, but all the same.

  2. Did you change your blog name to: “All The Dumb Things: a cautionary tale of development”?

    I’ve got some catching up to do over here. I’ll be back shortly.

  3. Donald

    Thanks. I don’t have to go back to the US, as I live in a southern hemisphere version of the place.


    No, it’s always been called “All The Dumb Things: cautionary tale in development”.

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