11 thoughts on “Cows like to watch. Somewhere in Bavaria, Germany. 2009”

  1. Oh, I like starting my day with the thoughts of Bavarian creme! This just made me smile. Good thing that’s not a Kangaroo or else you’d be flying through the air with your 10mm lens.

  2. If I ever move again… I’m headed for Oberammergau or someplace near by. I love Bavaria. What I like about the cows is how so many of them still have bells. Listening to them being herded back to the barn in the evening always brought a smile to my face.


  3. Curious cow. It’s hard to tell from his expression, did you interrupt his grazing, or was he coming to check you out. Is that one horn I see? Perhaps the other is stuck in the last photographer who got too clse!

  4. Pat

    It is a good thing that it wasn’t a kangaroo and that’s for sure. I would’ve made there sure there was a lot more distance between me and it.


    Bavaria was excellent and I’d go back there in a hearbeat.


    Oberammergau would probably great until they did the passion play and then it would be a hell packed with tourists. My wife loved the sound of cow bells and every now and a again she’d get me to stop the car so she take movies of the landscape with the bells in the background.


    I was taking photos of them and they just came right up to me. I guess they associate people with feeding. As for the horn, I don’t know what the story was but it only had one.

  5. Ross

    Whenever I see cows, I think about that Larson cartoon of the cows making a wonky wooden rocket and and buch of yokels go by in a car, while yelling out, something like, “it will never fly, you stupid cows!”

  6. Dave

    Nice you see you’re back and I presume with a better behaved computer this time. I think that close ups with wide angle lenses will always have an audience. As for me, I find the cow’s curiosity hilarious.

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