11 thoughts on “Some Lisbon trams. Portugal. 2009”

  1. I love looking up the hill at that narrow one… not sure I’d like to be walking when it came by, though.
    What is that rake-like gizmo on the front of the red one. It kind of looks like the “cowcatcher” on the railroads of old. Maybe it’s an urban dog- and cat-catcher?

  2. Under the pavement in the city here are trolly tracks. They’ve simply slapped asphalt right over it and there they sit. I can’t tell you how badly I want to see the trollies brought back. Simply beautiful machines. What city or town wouldn’t be proud to have them studiously bustling around the streets?


  3. Hi Razz, the real ones. Nice small trams. The one in the image with the four rails is a funicular, not a tram, but very useful in the small and steep streets of Lisbon. These old-fashioned 900 mm narrow gauge pre-war trams and funiculars are perfectly suited, broader vehicles couldn’t be used, even buses are not useful in these small streets.


  4. Did you go on the funicular? What fun and what a great view! Our driver was a bit grumpy though…I’ll put up my photos of the funicular ride we took in Lisbon soon.

    Not really surprised that your brain needs a break after your travels around Europe. Hope you feel revived soon. The heat down there in Oz won’t be helping… That alone is enough to fry a brain!

  5. I love these shots. The middle one, in particular, is a dream and so perfectly suited to your lens! The gentle arc of the tracks, the tram, the building, even the crook of the man’s leg in the back ground. Perfect.

  6. Donald

    There was certainly and right and wrong side of the street to stand on, that’s for sure. I’ve no idea about the red tram, but like you, I thought it was a type of cow catcher. Then again, maybe it’s a bicycle rack.


    It’s the same here in Sydney. The tram track were covered over in the early 1960s. As quaint as old trams are, I can do without the ugly overheard wires.


    Gee, you sure do seem to know lots about railways. Thanks for the heads up about the correct term for the funicular. I think you’re so right about the size of the trams and to be honest, I don’t think those modern German trams would suit Lisbon at all.


    No I didn’t. As a matter of fact I didn’t go on any trams in Lisbon and we walked everywhere to get some exercise. The cobblestones made and steeps hill in Lisbon made it unpleasant to cycle there.


    The whole of Lisbon was like a dream. So other worldly and so of another time.


    Welcome and thanks for dropping by. Like I said in response to another previous comment, the trams really suit the city of Lisbon because the whole place seems “back in the day”; in a nice way that is.


    Another term for trams or streetcars, if you will, is “light rail”. so I think you might be onto something there. Well, “train spotted”!

  7. Grasswire

    Ljubljana has so much character that I don’t think trams would add anything. Anyway, It’s such a nice little city that a bike would be fine for most of the year.


    You’re just probably over living in your bucolic bliss!

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