“De Cara a la Pared” sung by Lhasa de Sela

During breakfast this morning, I waded through the newspaper as I ate.

The front pages were full of the tragic news and images from the Haiti earthquake. Horrific things that seem so remote in distance and meaning when looked at in the context of my comfortable life. Each day as I make my way to the crosswords and sodoku, I expose myself to the world wide miseries that the media serves up to us to help feed our insatiable need to be in a constant state of schadenfreude.

Before I reach my puzzles, there is the last hurdle of the obituaries. With a mind that had been clubbed numb by the all the sad things that had been written about Haiti, I read this morning that one of my favourite singers, Lshasa de Sela had died of breast cancer on the 1st of January this year.

[youtube iKuZz3YeAkI]

Translated lyrics of “De Cara a la Pared” ( Crying face to the wall)

Face to the wall
The city turns off

And there is no more
Maybe I die
Where are you?

Face to the wall
The city burns down

Without breathing
I want to love you
I want to love you

Face to the wall
The city sinks

Saint Mary

Haiti left me feeling numb, but news of Lasha’s death brought tears to my eyes.


11 thoughts on ““De Cara a la Pared” sung by Lhasa de Sela”

  1. I came here before doing my morning ritual..nytimes on line…thinking, “O, let me put off looking at this heartache by checking Prof Buffnik.”

    Usually, this early in the AM, I wouldn’t listen to the music but I did this morning.

    As poignant as the stories in the NY Times, I can tell you that.

  2. I wonder how long it will take for Haiti to be ready to welcome tourists/travelers. Based on pre-earthquake political and economic conditions, it almost seems like never. But if not, that would be a good way to help them rebuild an economy that has any kind of traction.

    Apparently they’re having trouble even delivering aid, because most of the entry points into the country (runways, docks, bridges) are damaged. Poor Haiti. :(

  3. Pat

    Sorry for adding to the misery but it’s a sad time.


    Yes, poor Haiti. Poor in so many ways starting with extremely bad (in every sense of the word) administration. I suspect that most of the aid won’t reach the people who need it the most and will end up in various Swiss bank accounts. It makes me feel ill just thinking about it all.

  4. Sometimes the best way to comprehend a tragedy like Haiti is to focus on the death of a single soul. It is such a moving song by Lhasa de Sela. Then I think of all the songs, joys, loves and fears lost in the streets of Haiti.

  5. Pat

    Even now, 12 days after the quake I find it very difficult to watch the news.


    You make so much sense and it just goes to show how tragic the situation in Hati is, where so many people have died, when one person’s death is so sad.


    I’ll have to check it out since Ross says it’s a classic.


    Yep, I understand what you mean. It can all seem so remote.

  6. Hi Razz, let me join in your sadness over the death of Lhasa. :-(((((( I really loved her first album. A lot.

    Are you a Sudoku nut? My boyfriend got me started with a bet and I’m now addicted to them. I hope you are doing well. I have moved to South of France and I hope to be able to visit with Epicurienne one of these days as you’ve had the pleasure last year. Ta ta…

  7. Nat

    Great to hear from you again. I’ve checked your blog and I’m glad to see you’re posting again.

    It’s a real shame about Lhasa and it just goes to show that breast examinations are so important even if one isn’t in their 50s.

    I wouldn’t call myself a Sodoku nut but I do enjoy doing them nearly every day. The harder the better……. (oooo, that sounded wrong!)

    You have no excuses for not getting together with Epic. My wife and I will probably go to Europe again next year, so who knows, what meetings can be arranged?

    By the way, I’ve just bought a Fuji S5 Pro.

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