5 thoughts on “Lake Bohinj. Slovenia. 2009”

  1. Donald

    That whole part of Slovenia is lovely. There are plenty of farms around but I think that the close proximity to the Julian Alps means that the water that fills the lake hasn’t passed through many cultivated or industrial areas. Slovenia is a beautiful jewel of a country and I’d say that most the Slovenes appreciate natural beauty.

  2. Lake Bohinj is a typical glacial lake and its water comes straight from the mountain peaks – it actually starts as a rather spectacular waterfall and after about two kilometres enters the lake and fills it up. It is also rather deep (45 metres), so there’s plenty of clear – and cold – water.
    Sorry Razz, just couldn’t help myself from doing some propaganda. I used to run a guest house right next to the Western side of the lake (in one of my previous lives…), right next to where the stream from the waterfall rushes in, and I fell in love with the place…

  3. Beautiful! I’ve wanted to go to Slovenia for ages now, but it just never seems to happen. It will though. Someday. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through your trip and Grasswire’s blog!

    For the record, it would have taken everything I had, not to throw a great big rock into that mirror like lake.


  4. Robert

    No need to say sorry, but when I think about it, perhaps we shopuld keep quiet about such places otherwise they’ll get over run with people like me!


    I’d go back to Slovenia in a heartbeat. It’s a beautiful place and the people are very nice.

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