6 thoughts on “Every day, is washing day in Rovinj. Istria, Croatia. 2009”

  1. What a unique idea… to actually dry your clothes outside without the use of gas or electricity! My favorites here are the building (and laundry) next to the water, and even more, the bright orange and yellow towels, topped by a neat row of undies. A beautiful old city, tour operators notwithstanding.

  2. I think these are some of your best shots, Razz. Really great composition and use of light and dark. I love seeing laundry handing out to dry. It’s such a neat view into the private lives of strangers. Somehow, it also reflects a more personal type of care than can be accomplished by an electric dryer. Plus, I love how my clothes smell after being on a line!

    Here in the States, many towns and communities have passed anti-laundry hanging ordinances to keep folks from “hurting the resale value” of their neighbors home by brazenly letting nature do the work of the mechanical age. Absolute rubbish. Thankfully, idiocy like this is starting to get some well deserved backlash. In the mean time, you couldn’t pay me to live in a place that could tell me to bring in my wash because it was deemed an “eyesore.”

    Ah, well. Enough negative. These really are some great photos. Number 3 is just wonderful though i live the colors in number 4!


  3. Tysdaddy

    Thanks and of course.


    I’m finding it very interesting to hear which one different people like. All different! One thing about air drying though, one tends to need decent weather and some space. It’s a real catch-22 when one thinks about it. Use more land to give everyone more room or be more efficient and pack them all into a smaller condensed area where they have to use fuel more often to dry their things.


    I have mixed feeling about the laundry hanging out of windows. In old towns like Rovinj, it seems to be in context and perfectly natural but when I see huge apartment buildings in grotty polluted cites, with laundry all over the place, it makes my heart sink. It just looks so squalid and slummy.

    Having said all that I do believe that a lot of those town ordinances are way over the top. I remember how shocked I was when I was living in Toronto Canada and someone told me you had to get permission from the town clerk to paint your house, just in case you used a weird colour. If I lived somewhere like that I think I’d paint my place bright green with orange tiger stripes, just to piss them off!

  4. Razz, you obviously have not been driving around Slovenian countryside enough. There are areas where you need permits to paint a house and areas where you can do whatever you want. You can spot the latter areas from miles away. In a weir ways, it reminds me of a political satire from late 1980s in which a Serbian general says to a Kosovo Albanian “Why are you demanding human rights? They are for humans.”

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