Mai Long

Mai Long is an artist friend of mine.

You might have seen her on TV in the Lonely Planet show about Sydney Australia. Mai’s work quite often addresses her cultural identity issuses. I own a few of Mai’s works. Here’s a some pictures of them.

Lately Mai has been making a series of paper mache dogs which you can see here if you wish

I will be aquiring a few more of Mai’s works over the next couple of months and I’ll post pictures of them here when I do. I’m tossing up about whether I get some more paintings or some sculptures.

4 thoughts on “Mai Long”

  1. I own three of Mai’s works and I bought one for my sister. I’ll list the names below with links to images of the works.

    The first picture is called “Dawn”

    The second painting is “Celebration”

    The third (which is not shown in this post) is “Water sports”

    I bought “Mateship” for my sister

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