Can’t you see I’m reading? Seven Hills, NSW, Australia. 2010

My wife is a constant and voracious reader.

Engogirl’s parents told me that when they took her to Europe as a child of  seven years old, they had to think up a strategy to get her to engage with the travelling they were doing,  instead of reading all the time. My mother-in-law thought up the idea of getting Engogirl to keep a journal and write down what she had done each day to make sure she took notice and thought about where they were.

Even now as an adult, Engogirl would prefer to read, than do just about anything else, and a quiet Saturday morning reading the weekend paper is about as close to nirvana for her, as it gets.

12 thoughts on “Can’t you see I’m reading? Seven Hills, NSW, Australia. 2010”

  1. You know I’ve heard of women who like to match their bag and shoes but you’ve just shown one who matches their T-shirt with the weekend newspaper photo!

    A voracious yet stylish reader.

  2. Action Girl is like that as well. I honestly don’t know how she can absorb what she’s reading at the rate she burns through reading material. Last year I got a Kindle from and it has become her number one “must have” item when she goes anywhere. That thing is getting a serious workout. Me? I guess I’m a luddite at heart. I still like the feel of the pages.

    If we ever get to come to Australia for a visit, we’ll leave the ladies at the house on the back porch to read and we can go play in your wood workshop!


  3. As you may know from our conversations, Marjeta (my wife) is just like that too. She is a reading junky. She needs to read a certain amount of words per day, otherwise something very substantial is missing and she cannot sleep hapily. I guess this is why she liked Engogirl so much – like meeting a sister from the same tribe.

    But, hey, is this connected? Women that read all the time and their abandoned and bored husbands then turn to writing blogs? Is there a correlation?


  4. Pat

    Engogirl didn’t pick what to read because of the cover of the paper. She was just reading it and I noticed how the face was life size and in the right position so I got my camera and took a picture of it.


    I don’t think people who read so much retain that much. As a matter of fact, I’m sure of it. Engogirl thinks I’ve got a great memory because I mention things from books I read long age. I don’t think that my memory is so great, it’s just that I think I might reflect on what I’ve read because there is much more time between the books that I read. Whereas Engogirl devours books one after the other and doesn’t give herself time to reflect on what she’s read and as a result doesn’t remember all that much about it a few weeks down the track.

    I think the more we think about things, the more neural pathways are created and the stronger the memories become.


    I’m not surprised Marjeta likes Engogirl. I’ve come to the conclusion, everyone and I mean EVERYONE, seems to like Engogirl.

    I don’t write a blog because I’m abandoned and bored. I write this because Engogirl told me to. When I think about it, she probably wanted to get me out of her hair so she could read more.

  5. Er, Razz…I knew Engogirl didn’t match her outfit to the photo..Clearly,it was the photographer’s eye..she wouldn’t be marred to you if she had to match her clothes to the daily newspaper! Or else, you’d be hitting her over the head with your camera and not taking whimsical colorful portraits.

  6. The picture on the paper sure does match up just right for the photo. My daughter is a readaholic also. She is a pharmacy assistant but I always reckoned she should have been a librarian.
    Seven Hills, is that where you live? I used to live not far from there at Quakers Hill for a number of years when I was in the Navy

  7. Pat

    Geez, looks like I’ve misunderstood you….. again!




    Yep, I live in Seven Hills just down the road from Quakers Hill, but I was never in the navy. I was in the army cadets when I was in high school and that put me off the armed forces for the rest of my life.

  8. Hi Razz, the Army cadets was enough army for the rest of your life?

    Seven Hills, that’s M4 motorway and Main Western railway line to the Blue Mountains

  9. Joost

    In the army cadets I relised that getting screamed at all the time and treated like a idiot wasn’t the career for me. I did like shooting practice though, particularly the bren gun.

    Yes, that’s where Seven Hills is. I walk my wife to the train station every work day when it’s not raining.

  10. I used to be an avid reader … and still go through bouts of it, but I usually remember a novel, article, comic book, … because it meant something to me at sometime. Some books I can’t remember and others seem like I just read them yesterday. Volume and personal meaning are two different things … but quantity brings quality memories: unless it’s all crap that’s being read.

  11. Planetross

    I think it’s important to reflect on what we’ve read and to discuss it with others. I think so many of us just devour books one after the other without that much thought.

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