4 thoughts on “Lisbon from Castelo de Sao Jorge. Portugal. 2009”

  1. Gosh that is a stunning photo. When we went to the castelo it was tipping down. Say hi to Engo for me. Almost married hence the quietude from this end. Sorry about that. Who knew these things were so bloody time consuming?

  2. Epic

    Thanks and nice to hear from you again. It’s been soooo long. We were very lucky with our trip last year. Out of 3 months we only had about 3 days of rain.

    Good luck with the wedding arrangements. I don’t have to tell you that weddings are very stressful (for women that is, us guys just go with the flow).

    A few words of unasked for advice. Allow your mother in-law to make a decision about one aspect of your wedding and then let her organise it. One small victory will keep her happy and out of your hair.

    Also, on the day, take time to reflect on what’s going on around you and make a conscious effort to remember it. Try and savour some moments. The day will be like a blur and you have to be careful that it just doesn’t whiz by with you being shuttled from pillow to post whilst having to deal with so many people who want your attention.

  3. Tony

    Lisbon is packed with people and it’s a nightmare to drive around in. We stayed there for about four days and I just parked the car the whole time as I just didn’t want to face driving through so many extremely narrow crowded streets and parking was almost non-existent.

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