15 thoughts on “Feet up at the Jardin du Luxembourg. Paris, France. 2009”

  1. That woman is a marvel of matching…hair, skin, dress…I’d love to know what she is reading! I love when you posts these type of shots. You could do a whole portfolio, no?

  2. iheartfilm

    Long time no see. I have to be honest, even though, now that you mention it, there is some similarities to Tootsie, it was the woman’s hair that caught my eye.


    Many French do seem to put quite a bit of effort and though into their appearance. She was reading “Le club des incorrigibles optimistes” by Jean-Michel Guenassia. The book won the 2009 Prix Goncourt de Lycéens. Here’s a link to a review of it.


  3. Ah, Razz! Leave it to you to make sure you knew what she was reading!!! It makes this photograph even more fabulous because everything about her suggests self-consciousness so that she is reading a book about “class”…oh. sweet!!

  4. PS. I just noticed the empty bottle under the man’s chair!!! Explains his face appearing paralyzed?? Or is it just how I look when I drink too much?

  5. Pat

    I had to muck around in Photoshop (adjusting the contrast etc) to read the book cover and then I looked it up. I’d say just about everyone I saw in Europe was very self-conscious (at least in comparison to the average Aussie). What a burden it must be. Life’s too short if you ask me.

    I think the bottle under the guy is probably a Perrier mineral water bottle. He might look paralysed to you, to me it looks like he’s working hard to relax but hasn’t got the hang of it yet.

  6. Selfconscious is in Europe quite important, in Southern European countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Belgium dress to impress and looking good is extremely important.

  7. Joost

    I find it so hard to understand why the Europeans care so much about what each other is wearing. It seems to me to be such an old fashioned and superficial outlook. Is it a class distinction thing? If so, why do people care what other people who are caught up in such shallow and petty things, think?

    Surely their opinion doesn’t count for much?

    I’d like to think that we can transcend the need for such…… stuff.

  8. Razz, it’s a class distinction thing, you have to belong to your group. Things are said with a few words of even without words, but with clothing, decorum, or other non-verbal signs. The reason why Europeans, and especially South Europeans cares so much what each other is wearing.

    The picture and my reply give a example of high context culture, common in Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Latin America, Asia, very hard to understand in Oz, USA, UK, Germany, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. The woman in the second picture shows with her hair, make-up, clothing and accessoires a good example. This is a high contextual country, you will never meet Parisian situations in Brisbane or other parts of Queensland :) Please understand the difference between low contextual (Oz, USA, UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Netherlands) and high contextual (Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Latin America, Asia) and you know a lot more.

  9. Razz, remember your flight back to Oz? Gatecrashers from countries such as Australia, Britain of the Netherlands often dressed in clothing with football, beer or car logos, splashed all over them, include the trainers. They never wear good leather shoes, only trainers or sneakers, or Jesus Nikes with white sport socks. Or they are dressed in jogging pants aka campingsmoking with sports logos splashed all over them. But remember: see our those French gatecrushers a few weeks ago on that Paris to Singapore-flight: even they were well-dressed.

  10. Joost

    I get what you’re saying, but what I can’t understand it why people actually care about such things. It just seems to me to be so superficial.

  11. The man looks totally stunned, I think there’s more than an empty booze bottle involved, looks like he’s gone into total zombie mode.
    Or perhaps…
    Weekend at Bernie’s comes to mind. Perhaps the lady is his killer, she does look a bit of a cold & conniving sort of person capable of anything…..
    You just never really know…

  12. I’ve never got the hang of putting my feet on another chair to prop them up: I just let them rest on whatever is down below. I always feel sorry for the next person who wants to sit in that other chair … for some reason. (possibly dirty shoe syndrome)

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