9 thoughts on “Telephone booths in Obidos. Portugal. 2009”

  1. Great photo! And they match the colors of Obidos (almost)! Am I imagining it or are those booths rather deep — as in big enough for two or three people to line up inside them?

  2. This one just jumps off the page it’s such a perfect composition and blend of colors. You’ve got some serious photog pull when you can get the sky color to match street markings! This is a beauty.

  3. Donald

    Thanks. The colours were so sympathetic. It’s nice to see that sometimes the local environment is taken into account by some companies. If it had been here in Australia, I’m certain that the corporate branding would’ve been maintained no matter what.

    Maybe the booths are deep because they have no doors on them.


    Thanks. I don’t know about the photographic pull, but being in the right place at the right time does help.

  4. I don’t know how you do it, but you take some of the best sky pictures I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Beautiful stuff.

    Here in the States, pay phones are vaporizing at an incredible rate. They have become pretty rare sights in these days of cell phones and private run communications companies. Soon, they will go the same route as the typewriter and carbon paper.


  5. Wow they are the spiffiest phone boxes I have ever seen. The colour scheme is great. They’re in a bit better nick that your average run of the mill Telstra phone boxes

  6. Turkish

    You are too kind. The same thing is happening with pay phones here in Oz as well. I blame those phillistine accountants!


    You’re so right, they are so much better than Telstra’s crappy efforts. It would seem there isn’t the political will any more to create aesthetically pleasing public utilities. I blame the phillistine accountants!

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