9 thoughts on “Some stencil graffiti in Lisbon. Portugal. 2009”

  1. Ah, now Razz…you get after blokes not disposing of their beer bottles and then you go and paint pictures on a wall in Lisbon? Give the guy in the last drawing some red hair in Photoshop and then take a look!

    I think it looks like you! Have I been visiting your blog too long?

    (PS. Just in case there’s any confusion: I AM KIDDING!!)

  2. Pat

    Little Brittain is very popular here in Oz.


    I closed of the comments to the tattoo post because I was getting heaps of really idiotic people responding to it. You wouldn’t believe how stupid some people are.

    As for you getting tatts, I’ve heard the same thing from so many older guys. I haven’t met one older person I respect, that doesn’t regret getting a tattoo. Like I said in the post, our tastes change as we go through life and what we like now is so different from what we liked years ago.

    It’s a good thing that children aren’t allowed to get tattoos because I’d probably be covered in Disney cartoons!

  3. Vanille

    Thanks for the link.

    Interesting stuff all right. It looks like C215 goes a lot further than most people doing stencil graffiti.

    Since you were kind enough to give the link to a French stencil graffitist, My latest post is of a very large and complex stenciled graffiti I saw in Paris.

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