5 thoughts on “Japanese tourists in Mostar. Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2009”

  1. Nice picture razzbuffnik; lots to look at, including the happy and relaxed expressions of the two women on the right, contrasted with the woman just behind wearing the mask. Perhaps it’s just bias on my part, but it seems the Japanese are more likely than most to don a mask as protection against something in the air… Was is exceptionally dirty and smelly in Mostar? What is the fear, and where does it come from I wonder.

  2. Donald


    In my experience (I lived in Japan for a year) the Japanese usually wear masks when they are sick so they don’t infect other people. Mostar was quite rustic but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was dirty. As a matter of fact I didn’t think twice about the hygiene there and it was a pretty relaxed place. Which is amazing when one thinks about what went on there, not so long ago.

  3. Tony

    But there was an Aussie with a big one…. camera that is.

    Sorry for taking so long to answer your comment but it was in my spam trap.

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