10 thoughts on “The largest stencil graffiti I’ve seen. Montmartre, Paris, France. 2009”

  1. Wow. That took some serious time and skill. There really needs to be a better name for this sort of thing since it has so obviously risen far above the ubiquitous tag style graffiti that we all know so well. I’m gonna call it “guerilla art.”


  2. Sort of a post-apocolyptic mural. Hard to imagine it was done illegally, graffiti-style, with the complexity, colors and all. Amusing that they are taking pictures of us!

  3. Turkish

    I totally agree with you. One of the reasons why I put up pictures of stencils is because they are so much better than the usual graffiti. I’m being constantly amazed by well done the stencils are.


    It’s interesting that the guy with the speed graphic, also has a Leica around his neck. On a personal level, I’d find it hard to go from small format to large format in the same day. They are such different states of mind.


    It’s about 2m x 3m.


    When I first saw the stencil, I thought it was a comment about all the tourists taking photos in the area but as you pointed out, they’re taking photos in a destroyed landscape of the viewer. It’s almost as though they are taking photos of other survivors, us. Or perhaps it’s an accusation, that the viewer (tourists) are ruining the area.

    This is one of the reason I like stencils so much, it’s the ideas behind them.


    Imagine how hard it would be to register the colours with each other and to do it quickly.

  4. That’s quite impressive – particularly the colour as it’s a stencil. But I’m curious – how do you know it’s done by stencil? It looks more complex than that.

    Do you like Banksy?

  5. Syncopated Eyeball

    I thought so as well.

    Val Erde

    Welcome Val and thanks for dropping by.

    One can tell it’s a stencil by how the colours are in blocks and the black lines have gaps in them to hold the stencil together. I’m pretty sure that the stencil above was made with about at least four of five different stencils and it’s quite the technical tour de force.

  6. Would this have been carried out in one hit – or over several visits? I believe Banksy carries out his work in just a few minutes – but the majority of his work is in B&W, with an occasional bit of colour – this I would imagine taking quite a bit longer?

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