Near Wentworth Falls this morning. NSW, Australia. 2010

This morning I went up to the Blue Mountains with Vanille and Paprika and this is one of the scenes we were lucky enough to see.

Although it’s been raining over the last several days, today the weather was clear, nice and cool, perfect for walking. What a beautiful day we had.

Sometimes it pays to get out of bed a little early.

14 thoughts on “Near Wentworth Falls this morning. NSW, Australia. 2010”

  1. See, now… if you were taking me to this site, we’d be pushing one another out of the way in order to get the right shot! And, if one pushed a bit too hard? I’d be airsailing with my tripod which doesn’t work too well as a sail.

  2. Donald

    We were so lucky with the weather. It had been raining nearly every day for about a week and a half, but our trip to the mountains was perfect.


    There’s lot’s of room over here. You’d be O.K.

  3. As the picture was loading, I watched and thought, “Man, Razz, you take great cloud photos.” Then the lower half loaded and I thought, “Only Razz could find a set up with awesome clouds in the sky AND below him!”


  4. Turkish

    Thanks for the kind words. I feel so lucky that I live in such a beautiful part of the world.


    It was my pleasure and it was a good excuse for me to take a drive up into the mountains. I just love the place.

  5. wow beautiful picture. I just found your blog by accident and got a little into the writing. I like your opinions, thanks for the sound perspectives

  6. Swiss

    Thanks! Glad you found me. I’ve had a quick look at your blog and found it interesting. When I get some more time (I’ve been a bit busy lately), I’ll go back and leave some comments.

  7. Val

    Thanks! Sorry that your comment took so long to show up but it was caught in my Spam trap for some reason, even though you’ve commented here before.

    Again my apologies.

  8. Wow that’s one incredibly stunning photo. We went bushwalking in the Blue Mountains back in ’87. We were all unprepared for how cold it got at night up there. My sleeping bag was nowhere near sufficient & I wore every clothing item I had & still froze all night trying to keep warm. And that was in summer

  9. Getting out of bed early goes against everything I know, but it still has to be done on special occasions occasionally … to see something special occasionally.

  10. Ross

    I have to agree, but it always surprises me how quickly I begin to enjoy being up and out, early in the morning. I guess it’s like so many things, in that it’s quite often a drag to start, but once things are in motion, I get carried along and actually like doing it.

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