Pink Martini, “Let’s Never Stop Falling In Love”

Sorry for not posting for so long. I’ve been sorting out my study and organising a trip to Bali. My disorganised and messy study has been driving me nuts for the last couple of years and I’ve finally gotten around to getting rid of a lot of old clutter and buying new office furniture.

At the moment, there seems to be so many other things to do besides blogging.

I’ll be back soon, and until then I give you this.

[youtube Ldxn6aq2GCc]

14 thoughts on “Pink Martini, “Let’s Never Stop Falling In Love””

  1. Hi Razz, not a matter, there’s more life IRL than blogging only. Good luck with your study and organising the trip to Bali.

    Yours, Joost

  2. Don’t go to any nightclubs in Bali. I’m glad you are doing your study and all but I was sorta hopin’ you and your buddy were finally getting to the you know what show.

  3. Joost

    Thanks for the well wishes and I’ve finally got this sorted in my study and I’ll write a post about it soon.


    I’m really looking forward to Bali. It’s such a great place, even though there are some parts of it that are fully infested with drunken ugly Aussies behaving badly.


    I’m such a non-clubber. My friend has been distracted by his wife’s pregnancy and getting the nursery ready. The baby is due fairly soon and then I think he will go out of him mind for a while.

  4. I hope the study has been disorganized to your liking.

    I wish I had a study to organize, because I’m just lazy when I don’t blog … or lethargisizing … or thinking about 5 minutes in front of me.

    No worries from this camp. … not that I’m camping … or anything.

  5. Vanille

    We’ve been listening to the music you sent us and have been enjoying it.


    Glad you liked it. For me, Pink Martini’s music is like a cool drink and a hot day…. so very welcome and relieving.

  6. You are what?
    Buying furniture?
    Buying?!! What kind of excuse is that for Razzbuffnik?

    Just kidding.
    For me, stimulating and workable working environment is crucial.
    Mind you, this does not necessarily mean tidy.

  7. Grasswire

    I know, I know. I usually make my own, but things had come to such a point I felt I had to do something straight away.

    This are so much more pleasant now. I’ve also put some exercise machines in the study as well, to free up our spare bedroom.

    When are you coming to Australia?

  8. Hmmm, tempting offer. But unfortunately, we are on saving mode right now since we are planning on buying a larger apartment. Which would mean we would finally get a study room, which we could organise and furnish from scratch. We’ll see how that goes :)

  9. Joost

    Thanks for turning me onto Caro, she’s great! I loved the animation in the video as well. It was like a cross between the original promotion art for “Westside Story” and Mondrian’s jazz series. I’ll be buying some of Caro Emerald’s music in my next order from Amazon (I usually buy about 10 albums at a time).

    I find that having music suggested to me by friends is the best way to find interesting music. The radio here in Australia useless.

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