I’m off to Bali and Lombok.

This afternoon, my wife and I fly to Bali for 18 days of holiday.

Since we blew so much money last year, we thought we’d keep things financial down to a dull roar and go somewhere closer to home that is not so expensive.

Bali is to Australia, what Mexico is for Canadians. A place in the sun with a different culture and where everything costs less. Just like Mexico, Bali gets more than it’s fair share of ignorant tourists. As a matter of fact, I think it can be safely said that there a few nationalities who can be more obnoxious overseas than a drunken meathead from Oz.

Many people here in Australia will roll their eyes when you tell them you’re going to Bali. Most Australians automatically think of the Kuta beach area and its bars with Australians behaving badly and the incessant street peddlers. Bali is actually way more than Kuta and while parts of it are fully infested with us Aussies there are still plenty of beautiful places to get away from it all. To my mind, Bali is still one of the nicest places I’ve ever been to and the people are lovely, despite the fact that their home has been a tourist destination for the last 40 or so years.

I won’t be taking a computer, so that means I won’t be posting for the next couple of weeks. As a way to make amends, I’ve scheduled some older posts, that I’m sure some of my more recent visitors haven’t seen but might enjoy, to automatically show up again.

3 thoughts on “I’m off to Bali and Lombok.”

  1. I’m 2 days late to wish you and Engo happy and safe travels, so that means 16 days to wait for you to get back and start posting about Bali! I’ve never been to Bali but would love to go. Hope you have a wonderful time. And yes, I agree, a holiday from a computer is a proper holiday. (Once you get over the withdrawal symptoms, that is).

  2. 18 days? You can take a vacation for 18 days?????? I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere for 18 days. Color me very jealous! (Have a wonderful trip!)

  3. First off, sorry for not answering for so long but I tried twice when I was in Indonesia but my comments didn’t get through.


    Bali is a great place if you stay away from Kuta, where all the young meathead types go to get wasted.


    Brace yourself for more jealousy, because here in Oz it is normal for everyone in a full time job (40 hours a week) to get 4 weeks paid annual leave a year.

    My wife who has worked at her company for more that 10 years gets rewarded with an extra week so that she can take 5 weeks holiday a year. As for me, I have my own little (as in tiny) business and I can take time off whenever and for how long as I like.

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