Atmospheric perspective. Munduk, Bali, Indonesia. 2010

This is the view at sunset from the restaurant terrace of the hotel we stayed at in Munduk (the Munduk Sari Villas).


Looking west from Bali into Java, this scene looks down across clove plantations, then through the Bali Barat National Park, over the Bali Straight into Java with the Raung and Ijen volcanoes in the background, nearly 100kms away.

7 thoughts on “Atmospheric perspective. Munduk, Bali, Indonesia. 2010”

  1. I grew up looking over a layered seascape of 2 different nations’ islands and mainlands while sitting in Canada and staring at the U.S.A … and thought it all very similar at a distance.

    But now I realize that it is very similar … except for what people think … and imaginary bordering off of areas.

  2. nationhood, yet another “great” European invention… I still remember how surreal and artificial the border with Austria seemed to me when I was a child, that one part of a meadow would be “in the West”, and the other “somewhere completely different”.

  3. Pat


    Yep I’m back, but it would seem catching up on various things has delayed my posts and comments and visits to other blogs. I’m hoping to be on top of things by Monday and get back into my “normal” blog activities.


    When I was travelling near the border of Bosnia and Croatia, I remember thinking to myself that it’s not a good idea to live near borders in Europe.

  4. A beautiful image, razzbuffnik. And the discussion here makes me reflect on the American obsession with walling off it’s southern border, as though one section of the desert is so much different than the other. They say it is to keep those others out, but it also functions to keep us in, safe from experiencing anything different.

  5. Donald


    I think that so many governments try to control their population by using fear of “outsiders”. We have the same issues here in Oz with boat people and it’s a hot topic in the upcoming election here.

    The interesting thing for me, is that borders create inequalities in wealth.

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