10 thoughts on “Canola crop near Jugiong. NSW, Australia. 2010”

  1. Joost

    The weather here is warming up and so many plant are now in bloom. The funny thing about the stones is that they were put there by glaciers so long ago. It’s hard to believe that such a flat and warm country like Australia ever had glaciers.


    Funny that you mentioned that you would like to run, because there were signs just out of the shot that said private road and property, keep out. Perhaps they’ve had trouble with people running around in there before, trampling the plants..

    Thanks for telling me about the Wellington thing, maybe I’ll go and check it out.


    I couldn’t believe how intense it looked as I drove by. It just looked so artificial and I love that sort of thing, being a sucker for bright colours and all.

  2. Hi Razz, During the Gondwana era (200 million years ago), the Eastern part of Australian mainland (NSW, VIC & QLD) was attached to Antartica, and laid much fuhrter southern. So it was a bit colder and the stones are a leftover of glaciers. Later Australia and Antartica split-up, Antartica went more southen and became the polar continent and Australia more to the north.

    The Western part of Australian mainland (WA, SA & NT) was probably a former seabad from a ancient ocean, see the Nullarbor or Oondiri as the indigious Australians call the Nullarbor.

    Yours, Joost

  3. Planetross

    I, like you and the Japanese, are attracted to natural things that look fake.


    The thing about Australia is that there is so little left of the original topography from Gondwana because large areas of Australia have been above sea level for so long that most of the mountains etc, have just eroded away. Every now and again it’s possible to see the small volcanic plugs that are the remanents of once huge volcanos.

  4. When I looked at it first I thought that’s so beautiful it looks fake! Then, I read your comments. I didn’t realize this was genre “natural things that look fake”!!

    This is a deceptively fake photograph then. As the composition from you as well as nature is what makes it stand out to me!

    I love when I wake up in the morning and see those leaves turnin’ gold and the feel the chilliness in the air and the first images of snow flying enter my head AND then I go to your blog and see OZ approaching summer.

  5. Pat

    Sometimes I think I’ve been visually over stimulated and I constantly on the look out for the bright and colourful.


    Long time no see! The plants were on a slight hill and I guess all the diagonals create a bit of visual tension.

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