Caro Emerald, “Just One Dance”

Thanks to Joost (a visitor to this blog) I’ve just found out about Caro Emerald. I think she’s fantastic and her music will be on my next order with Amazon.

[youtube gP1aiChsDk0]

Radio here in Australia is so abysmal.

The tyranny of the majority and commercial concerns!

I’m so glad that I have friends with taste who can turn me onto new and interesting music. My wife and I are always on the lookout (or perhaps I should say listening for) non-mainstream (by Australian standards, which isn’t saying much) music, so if any of you out there think I might like something you’ve heard, please let me know about it and I’ll go and check it out.

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  1. Razz, thanks, her album is available at Amazon. There is even a vinyl double album from her available. She did conservatorium, was a song teacher and did some occasional jobs. Three Dutch producers and a songwriter wrote a song for a Japanese pop-act, and Caro was asked for singing the demo. She added the song, Back it Up’ to her own repetoire. She sung Back it up at a local television station in Amsterdan, then a jazz radio station picked up. After that, she became well-known outside Amsterdam and could record her album with vintage 50s jazzy songs. I bought the CD very recently. In the Netherlands, she’s hot and her concerts are quickly sold out.

    Yours, Joost

  2. Hi Razz,
    Caro reminds me of an old infatuation I had with Eddi Reader many (many) years ago. I’m sure you must have listened to ‘First of a million Kisses’ the Fairground Attraction album? If not, I recommend it. Some of the slower songs are sublime with wonderful lyrics.
    Kind regards, Kev.

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