6 thoughts on “False dawn. Jemeluk, Bali, Indonesia. 2010”

  1. It’s funny – that canoe looks like a spider crawling on top of the water.

    You really have taken advantage of your proximity to Southeast Asia. Are you particularly fond of any countries in that region?

  2. Iheart

    Not really, it’s just that I was in Bali about two months ago. I spent 3 months in Europe last year. For us Australians, Bali is what Mexico is to Americans. My wife and I do a fair bit of travelling and it’s getting to the point that we are running out of places that we are interested in and want to go to.

  3. Spider-boat, Spider-boat, does whatever a Spider-boat can.
    I love the way the canoe is so defined against the ethereal sky and sea. But yes, it definitely looks like an arachnid to me. Not a fan of anything with more than 4 legs since living downunder. Still vaguely surprised that we don’t get millipedes crawling up the drain into the bath here in the UK.

  4. Epic

    I know what you mean about crawly things in Oz. The day before yesterday, as we were walking through the bush in Tasmania, Engogirl and I were joking about how it would be a very bad idea to stick your finger in any of the perfectly formed, finger-sized holes we occasionally saw in the ground.

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