4 thoughts on “Looking west from Bruny Island. Tasmania, Australia. 2010”

  1. You seem to like these layered shots of things in the distance, medium distance, far distance, and whatever is at the way back.
    This reminds me of one of the photos you took in Indonesia.

  2. Hooray! You’re back!
    I’ve always heard that Tasmania is beautiful (and not just about devils!) and this shot really captures that. I love the monochrome gradation.

  3. Tony

    I did and I’d recommend Tassie to anyone.


    You’re right, I’m a real sucker for atmospheric perspective. I like the way how the landscape can almost look like abstract bands of colour or tones.


    Thanks glad you liked it. Tassie is really nice and it’s becoming known as a food destination. There is a lot of organic and free range food production going on there now. Sorry for being so slack for so long.

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