Wishbone Ash “Phoenix”

For those of you who have never heard of the band Wishbone Ash, allow me to acquaint you. And for those of you who already know who these guys are, kick back and turn up the volume.

[youtube MVUx4zxd7VA&feature=autoplay&list=PL5EC88973D692CED7&index=10&playnext=7]

4 thoughts on “Wishbone Ash “Phoenix””

  1. Hey, my man, their LP Argus was my Bible. While listening to it, over and over again in the darkness of my room, I was seeing something like The Lord of the Rings in my mind. I still love to listen to it in the car. Time was, Throw Down the Sword, Leaf and Stream, The King will Come…, perhaps with some effort I could even remember all the tracks… 😉

  2. Ross

    Goes to show that different people see things in different ways.


    I’m not usually a fan of prog-rock but I think I’ll get Argus next time I order from Amazon.

  3. A word of warning: when I was crazy about Argus I was about 16. I still like to listen to it occasionally, but probably nostalgia plays a part in it too…

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