Rundetaarn, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2011

Built between 1637 and 1642, the Rundetaarn (Round Tower in English) is Europe’s oldest functioning observatory.

Spiral towers are for running in!

Such facts matter little to the many children who had a swell time running up (I want to know what they were on!) and down the 200 metre (just over 200 yards) spiral ramp that gives access to the roof. Much like the monkeys that bound over the rocks of fallen temples in Asia, children give no thought to what they are passing over, enjoying instead the pure physicality of what they are doing. Of course there’s nothing wrong with such ignorant bliss, but I do feel that the older I get, the more I learn and the more I learn the more I get out of whatever I’m doing.

Paddy Palin once said something along the lines of, “if you know the names of a few trees the bush is no longer just bush”.

7 thoughts on “Rundetaarn, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2011”

  1. Hey Razz, you’re alive! Great to see you back. I was beginning to wonder if a search party was required. Haven’t blogged too much this year myself so I can’t talk. Lost my father in January so it’s been a pretty rough year.
    From the looks of things you and Engo have been in Scandinavia… Love the feeling of a rush of air that the movement in this photo creates.

  2. Epic
    Nice to hear from you and sorry that your dad died. My mother passed in June so all I can say is I have some idea how you feel. I guess it’s a reminder that we’re here for a good time, not a long time.

  3. Aww…you two losing parents!! Am so so sorry! I am glad to hear your voices, though. Your Mom’s voice , Razz, and. Your Dad’s Epic, will never leave your life if that is any consolation.

    Look forward to your trip Razz and your visit!

  4. Pat

    It has been a tough first half of the year as one of my cousins (two years younger than me) also died plus lots of stupid, crazy and despicable family stuff. Nothing is ever that easy but I guess that it isn’t all bad either, and as a matter of fact things are pretty damn good right now!

  5. PS. This is my second favorite photo. There’s a blur in it!! My fondness for blur is legendary and your photos NEVER ever have a single dot of blur!! Unless, of course, like this photo, it absolutely positively makes the photo!

  6. Sorry guys – Pat and Razz – I’ve been really out of it lately but am slowly coming back to normal. Pat – thank you for the kind words you wrote above to Razz and me. Life just doesn’t feel right without Dad and I’m sure Razz has similar feelings now that his Mum is no longer with us. Still, things move on, and the support of friends is a huge help.

    Razz – I can’t believe it! First you post nothing for ages (can completely sympathise and understand why) and now a DELUGE! Forgive me if it takes a little while to catch up. Scandinavia looks beautiful, though. Can’t wait to get to know it a bit better through your posts. Love to Engo. xx

  7. Epic

    Things do indeed move on. I often think of Mum as I’m sure you think about your Dad, but life does go on for us….. for a while, and we have to make sure we snatch what happiness we can, while we can.

    Scandinavia is an amazing place, but OMG it’s crazy expensive! Really crazy, as in insanely expensive. Things in the supermarkets are close to what we pay back home, it’s just everything else. Restaurants think nothing of charging $60US for very ordinary wines that would sell back home in a bottle shop for $5. If you want a half decent bottle of wine in a restaurant here, you’ll be looking at about $150US and the same bottle would sell in a nearby bottle shop for about $30US.

    Scandinavia makes Venice look like good value for money!

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