3 thoughts on “Kiruna Church ceiling. Lapland, Sweden. 2011”

  1. Hi guys, have been keeping a casual eye on the site and its good to see you’re updating it regularly. As usual some great images but no less good to read about your interactions. BTW I had a dinner party last Saturday and decided to do a souffle – I seem to remember you saying they were easy! Anyway, when you’re back I need to come over and see one being made to see what I may have done wrongly. Tasted good but didn’t rise much and certainly wasn’t light and fluffy.

    Carry on the good work,


  2. Peter

    The trick with souffles is to make sure you butter the inside of the molds with vertical strokes from the bottom to the top with your brush. Also make sure you trim the excess batter from the top of the molds and then run your the tip of your finger around the rim to make a little groove so the souffle can rise cleanly without sticking and catching on the rim. A little cornstarch (about half a teaspoon) in your mix will also help to make the mixture a bit more robust. Oh, and another thing, maybe you mixed in your flavouring a bit too long or hard. The trick is to just gently fold in whatever flavouring you’re using, for a short a time as possible.

  3. All sounds good but didn’t work for me. We can try the recipe (crab and gruyere souffle) out sometime after you get back.

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