“Hundid” by Anne Türn

Engogirl and I have just spent a few days in Tallinn, Estonia. Whilst Tallinn is a beautiful medieval city, it is a complete tourist trap complete with a plethora of shops selling all the same tourist tat as each other. Babushka dolls, amber jewellery, felt knick-knacks and knit wear of the type that the locals probably haven’t worn for generations.

We were beginning to lose any hope of finding something to take back home that spoke to us of contemporary Estonia, in an original way. That is, until Engogirl said, ” Let’s check this place out (Galerii Kaks)”, and we went in and found some exciting examples of modern Estonian creativity.

A lot of what was on display in Galerii Kaks would be considered decorative items, albeit of a high standard, but Anne Türn’s “Hundid” were very different and they called to us. Actually, her figures howled at us and we knew that we’d found what we were looking for.


Wild, humorous and exuberant figures performing what looked like some sort of corybantic dithyramb (look those up in your Funk and Wagnalls). There were about 6 statues of different sizes on display, and we saw two that stood out, but the problem was, which to get?


Stuff it! We bought both of them.

Now all that remains to be seen, is if Finland’s postal system can get our crazy little ceramic wolf women back to Australia intact.

5 thoughts on ““Hundid” by Anne Türn”

  1. Should I be expecting Wolf Woman on my doorstep? Awaiting hurricane on my doorstep this AM. Can just begin to hear the wind. Downgraded but still a long day anticipated. Am going to watch Illustrator tutorials (bought it yesterday online) and hope the power doesn’t go out!

  2. Pat

    I see you’re still in “stealth mode”. Is it because you’re hiding from hurricanes? Have fun with illustrator, it’s not that intuitive but it is very useful.

    The hundid have been sent back home so it will only be us who turns up at your place. Not long now. Four more days in Gotland Sweden, two in Roskilde Denmark then off to Iceland for four days then we’ll been at your door.

    Brace yourself!


    I have to admit that I have a real struggle when ordering desserts. It’s a good thing that my wife is around to shame me from totally embarrassing myself

  3. razzbuffnik: I keep trying to leave a comment on one of your newer posts, but my computer goes crazy with Malware virus warnings … and your “comment field” doesn’t show up.
    Just thought I’d let you know.

    note: about the ship in the museum: it’s kind of a bad idea museum, isn’t it? … like a frenology museum or a museum for fallen soufflés. hee hee!

  4. Ross

    Thanks for the heads up. It figures that some hacker has got onto my server again while I’m away and can’t do anything to remedy it. BASTARDS!!!!

    By the way my internet conections have been total crap lately (so many of the hotels I’ve been staying at say they have internet, and they do, but often the drop out rate is so horrendous as to make it unusable)and I’ve had real trouble posting, let alone visiting other people’s sites.

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