6 thoughts on “A couple in Tallinn, Estonia. 2011”

  1. Well…sometimes your readers ask the same question of you…Why ARE you in Estonia?

    FYI: Your Icelandic flight to Boston landed only 15 minutes late last night so that volcano must be behaving itself!

  2. I thought there might be an engogirl engineering reason…those walls look like they need some attention. Also, that lost woman’s dress seems to match those walls, no?

  3. Pat

    Engogirl was outside the town walls taking photos of flowers (and we all know how I feel about flower photos), so I wandered off back into town and as I saw this scene, it called to me. If I remember correctly Engogirl may not have even seen that part of the town. Much of the old part of Tallinn has been restored to the point that it’s almost too twee.

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