So far I’m impressed, just going from the airport to the hotel! Reykjavík, Iceland. 2011

For years I’ve been an avid reader of Icelandic sagas, and for that reason I’ve wanted to go to Iceland for a long time. Over the years I’ve noticed that when I hype myself up with expectations over a long period of time, I’m invariably disappointed. So it has been with a certain amount of dread that I’ve been facing the prospect of actually setting foot in Iceland.

As soon as I landed at Keflavik international airport I noticed the colour of the light and how lush and saturated everything looked. As I drove into Reykjavík I was struck by how utterly alien the landscape looked. All new geology caused by volcanic activity, no trees in amongst the rocks, just tiny little heath and lichen. I got such a shock when I stepped out of the car to take this picture.


Although the ground is obviously very rocky, the rocks are covered in such think lichen that it is like walking on the softest and most luxurious shag carpet that you could possibly dream of.

After we spent about half an hour marvelling at the amazing landscape we got back in the car and within about ten minutes I saw a small tornado off in the distance.


Although I’ve been through areas within an hour of one passing through the countryside and a small town in Ontario, Canada years ago, and have seen close up the destruction they cause, I’ve never seen one actually happen. More amazement!

After boggling on the tornado until it petered out, we made our way to the accommodation that we booked (reykjavik4you) and were blown away by how nice it is! I’m not kidding, this place it as good as it’s website says it is. Here’s a picture of the lounge area of our room.


Spa bath, DVD player with free movies, flat screen TV, hi speed internet, kitchen plus a great bakery just across the road and it’s located in the middle of town!

As soon as we dumped our bags we went for a stroll downtown. With a population of about 120,000, Reykjavík is not a huge city, but it has tremendous heart. The town is just abuzz with an energy that I haven’t seen anywhere else that I’ve been to in Europe. For me there is a real sense of Reykjavík being a “happening place”, and in the short time I’ve been here, I’m already kicking myself we spent so much time in Finland and we didn’t spend it here instead!


So far, so good (he says, tempting the gods).

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  1. WOW! I am looking forward to seeing more of this mysterious landscape. An artist, sculptor, Ronnie Horn, who had an exhibit at the ICA in Boston, has a very special connection with Iceland. She has visited there often in the past thirty years. She has a permanent exhibit of photographs of water at the University of Akureyi in Iceland. Those accommodations sound better than the ones you are going to get outside of Boston!!

  2. All the photos are great as always from you, but the first is stunning more like a painting that a photo. I feel like I could easily fall in.

  3. Pat

    We out all day every day taking it all in and by the time we get back we’re both so beat we just go to bed and almost pay no attention to the place we’re staying in. This place is fantastic! See you tomorrow.


    You would absolutely love this place. We’ve both said we want to come back again. It’s all so beautiful in a stark and rugged way, plus the people tend to have a better sense of humour than the rest of Scandinavia.

    Lots of walking to be had with spectacular scenery and on one little walk we went on (un-marked) along a hilltop ridge we’ve came across a style. There were styles wherever we went in Norway, because they have a “right of way” thing where everyone has a right to go just about anywhere they want. So it looks like Iceland might have the same thing.

    So what do you say…… Iceland next year?

  4. I wish I had a rich uncle,
    yours sarcastically,
    Envious and lets not forget our old friend jealousy
    xxxxooo Oh by the way whats the beer like over there?

  5. Briggsy

    Oh, quit your snivelling and pack some more batteries……. faster! While I tell you about the beers.

    We’ve tried about five of the local beers.

    Kaldi which is a larger and a darker beer (darker than Newcastle brown)is a nice drop that goes down easily as it seemed to have less hops than the beer back home. Had some Úlfur India Pale Ale nr. 3 last night which I thought tasted O.K (a bit too hoppy, but no big deal. Karen had some Bjartur Blond bjór nr. 4 which tasted a little more hoppy than the Kaldi but was still quite drinkable.

    We also tried a Egils Premium which was a larger which smelled weird and I didn’t care much for the taste. Then there was a beer called Viking that was also pretty good, despite it’s name (so much stuff has “Viking” written on it over here that I could just scream).

    We might’ve tried more but at about $8 a glass it seemed expensive.

    Out of all the beers I preferred the Kaldi.

    The fish here is very good. We had some fish (fresh cod in the some of the lightest and tastiest batter I’ve had) and chips the other night that was to die for.

    Now get back to work!

  6. O Jesus lord! I hope you like Samuel Adams lager cuz I just bought a case of it! I’m in the waiting area at Logan waiting for you both as I write this! Just going to the international terminal is exciting to me!

  7. Razz, Beer in Iceland, and in Norway, Sweden and Finland is extremely expensive and only available at state shops such as Systombolaget (Sweden), Alko (Finland), Vínbúð (Iceland), Vinmonopolet (Norway). For $8 I can drink serveral glasses of delicious Belgian beer in the Netherlands (not a cheap country), and in Germany you can drink much more for $8. The Nordic countries are countries with a lot of alcoholism, the governments says expenive alcohol is good for the health of their people but they drive to the ferry, buy lot of alcohol at the ferry or do moonshine alcohol. Illegal alcohol is common in the Nordic countries

    Next time I recommend try beer and food in Belgium

    And what see I right beside the flatscreen TV? A Tivoli Audio radio :)


  8. Joost

    I LOVE Belgian beer!

    As for the radio, I have no idea as I didn’t even turn it on. We were out all day, every day and were so tired when we got home, that we just went to sleep.

    Iceland was a great place and I’d highly recommend it to you.

  9. Belgian beer is the best in the world, since I started with alcohol in my teens I love Belgian beer too. It’s not lager or pils, it’s special. And it’s a good thing you’re out all day, no worries you’re tired when you get back. Maybe I will visit Iceland :)

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