2 thoughts on “A storm coming in north of Nambe on Cundiyo Road, New Mexico, USA. 2011”

  1. Haven’t checked in for a while, but these shots of the big sky country in the dryland’s back roads sure brought back some memories… Thanks for that. I remember watching these huge storm cells just exploding to the stratosphere as I was wandering the lesser used paths in the Rockies and the SW on a BMW motorcycle way back when, keeping a wary eye out for the dreaded “green” tinge that signaled heavy hail or tornadoes in that cell. Have no idea the science behind the observation, but the storms that had a green tinge to the black storm clouds always contained some nasty surprises, and I’d immediately start looking for shelter to hole up under. I got caught out in one of those open stretches of road where it was 20-30-40 miles between overpasses once in a quarter-sized to golf ball-sized hailstorm once on that bike; 1-2 inches of hail on the road, blinding rain and just got trashed by the falling hail… had my helmet strapped on the back, of course, so just got all kinds of heck beat out of me before I found shelter. I had cuts on my knuckles, bumps on my head and 10-15 small dents in the gas tank by the time I found that bridge. There was another guy in a ’68 Olds Cutlass convertible under that same bridge who had 10-12 holes punched through his sun-dried convertible top, too. We commiserated our woes by working at polishing off his bottle of Jack Daniels and watching the storm blast down for the next 45 minutes… Anyway, thanks tons for bringing back some awesome memories of a misspent youth!!!

  2. Joe

    Nice to here from you again. I’ve been very slack with my blog lately so it’s good to know that people are still dropping by. Once again your comment was trapped by my spam filter don’t know why, as it’s supposed to let people I’ve O.Ked to comment).

    Your experience is a good example of how you can’t judge the US by the likes of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Americans tend to be a very friendly good hearted bunch.

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