How I won a trip to Mexico. Vancover, BC, Canada

The PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) is a yearly carnival held in Vancouver.  In 1983 there was a photographic contest with a prize of a trip for two to Mexico City, complete with a week’s accomodation in a five star hotel. The theme of the contest was “Fun at the fair”.

At the time I was experimenting with slow shutter speeds with flash.  The slow shutterspeed gives a sense of movement whilst the flash freezes motion.

3 thoughts on “How I won a trip to Mexico. Vancover, BC, Canada”

  1. Hi do you know what settings yoou used on this photo? f stop shutter speed etc. ii have been trying to do this kind of photo but i just cant get the person to be in focus!

  2. I used a totaly manual camera (Nikon F2).

    Just pre-focus on the area you want to take a picture of.

    Set the the camera for a slow shutter speed (about a 1/4 of a second) and then stop down your f stop until your light meter tells you that you have a correct exposure. By using a small f stop it increases your depth of field and you have more chance of getting your subject in focus.

    Then set your automatic flash (I used a Metz 45CT-1)to match the f stop on your lens.
    The next step is to pan in the opposite direction to the path of travel of the subject.

    Piece of cake!

  3. This is an awesome photo! no wonder it won the contest! We visited Vancouver in August (from Los Angeles, CA) Beautiful city.


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